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Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry

I'm normally a sucker for Sci-Fi or Dystopian but four months of summer vacation (if you could call it that since it's raining so damn hard all the time now) has opened up an opportunity to try other genres. This book is a contemporary fiction and I've been (or I am) close to considering it New Adult since the second chapter. 


It's essentially about two "damaged" teenagers whose lives stumble upon the other through their shrink. Echo, the female protagonist, is supposedto be somehow amnesiac because she doesn't remember how she had acquired the scars on her arms except that her own mother had tried to kill her one day and this is what she's seeing a therapist for. Noah, on the other hand, is supposed to be a depiction of a bad boy. He's a foster child and has been seeing a therapist after he had allegedly beaten up his first adoptive father.


Notice how I use the word "suppose" as I describe the characters. Because so far they haven't lived up to those descriptions yet. There are times when they actually do but half the time I find them going astray from what they're supposed to be.


Right now I'm in a love and hate relationship with this book. So far the only things I'm not liking about this is that one above and the fact that one second, Echo's describing her dislike towards Noah's personality, and then onto the next paragraph, she's already describing how beautiful his eyes are, how she seems drawn to him. Oh, goodness. *sigh* Echo, you're confusing me. Is it love? Nope. I think it's all about calming down your freaking teenage hormones since this is practically what the first one hundred pages is  all about. 


I'm not judging it yet. Anyway I'm only a hundred and twenty eight pages in and in all honesty, disregarding my rants above, I actually think this is quite worth a read. I don't know, the story's just so close to reality it's like a black hole pulling me in despite the dangers I'm foreseeing. I'll surely finish this up maybe until tomorrow night (big sister duties, got to attend to that) and who knows? Maybe Mcgarry's hiding something up her sleeves in the succeeding chapters.