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The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window - Kirsty Moseley

I stopped reading because the story doesn't make sense anymore. I wanted to continue to at least give it a chance because I know a couple of stories that become better halfway through but this? No. It just becomes more twisted and frustrating as I go on.


So let me tell you my insights on this nonsensical book:


1. Amber was an abuse victim for three years. She claims that the mere touch of other people can already trigger the trauma so she stays away from them as much as possible. However, for the past eight years, she's been sleeping (sleep, as in sleep) with her older brother's best friend because he comforted her one night. And she feels his morning glory every time, at that. Now how could one guy be an exception to her fear of touch? Plus, a guy's morning glory means he's turned on and might be craving for sex. So shouldn't Amber be scared that he might force himself to her because he's turned on? How is that okay for her when one touch is already a big deal? 


2. This: "I tried to wriggle free, but it just made us rub together in places that I would rather not think about my brother's man-whore of a best friend touching. My body started to tingle and I couldn't help the little moan that escaped from my lips. Oh my God, that actually feels nice!" Who's the whore now? I'm sorry but for a victim of molestation? You're a horny one. And this is just chapter 3, everyone, chapter 3. Instead of jumping off and running for her life, she actually says it feels nice. Way to go, horny lady!


3. There are a lot of "out of the blue" lines and scenes. I was like, "Where the hell did you come from?" or "This doesn't make sense!" For example, the morning of that day, they were teasing each other (not to mention some meager flirtation) because they're supposed to be in a love-hate relationship. And then at night, Liam does things like stare at her "with a weird expression on his face" and Amber says "Why was everything so tense and strange between us tonight? It was probably just because I was so pissed off at him this morning it's made things a little awkward." It doesn't make sense, right?!


4. "They are the two best players on the hockey team and look like sex gods..." In this scene, Liam and Jake (Amber's older brother) are being swooned at by practically every girl in the school. I think it's exaggerated. First off, Liam and Jake's persona at school is just so perfect for a human being. Secondly, are they the only guys at school? Is every girl a hormone-ridden one enough to openly eye-screw them? 


5. There's this one scene wherein Liam and Amber are at a store and while Amber's reading a magazine, two guys come up to her and start flirting with her. Who does this on a normal or ordinary circumstance? It's not everyday someone will randomly flirt with you and at a convenience store, for that. 


6. "He looked straight into my eyes; I could see the honesty in his deep blue watery eyes." So Amber claims that one touch can already bring back memories of her dad, right? And then one day Liam wasn't lucky enough to be an exception because Amber suddenly panics and "tries not to cry". And then Liam apologizes and says he'd never hurt her and that line above comes next. Whoa, wait there, that's a weird transition, isn't it? One second she's reacting like a harassed girl and then one stare from the guy, she says that ^. Again, it doesn't make sense.


7. For an abuse victim, she certainly shows so much skin and is an easy one. At a party, a stranger guy invites her to the kitchen and she just joins him? Without any hesitation? If you were an abuse victim, will you just go with a guy without feeling scared let alone hesitant? Given that you're tipsy, even? If you're smart enough you'll know you're weak to fight back should anything happen so why join a guy right away? 


8. The guy in number 7 forces himself to her, Liam saves her and they make-out. Again, why do some writers make it seem as if sex is the best distraction or trauma-erasing crap nowadays? 


9. New Adult writers should stop creating this rape victim crap in their stories for the sake of plot. It conflicts the logic of the story and makes their characters less sympathy-worthy. How? What kind of rape victim easily gives in to sex or anything closely-related to it? 


10. Cheesy. Everything Liam and Amber does is either too cheesy or too hormone-ridden. 


I've a lot yet to list but I guess this will suffice. This story was not well-thought of and it oozes of raging hormones. There's no logic in the scenes because everything's about hormones...hormones, sex, hormones.