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I'm an eighteen-year old two-faced Filipina extrovert who has been living in the pages of books for two years now. I expertize in warped logic and extreme criticism.

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Partials - Dan Wells

I'm only a hundred and seventy pages in and I'm starting to get bored already! The first five chapters were alright, great way to introduce the reader to the world she's about to get in...so I expected so much from it. But as I progress through the story, it gradually becomes dull and the scenes and descriptions are just one hell of a mess...they're all tangled up! I have to backtrack up to three pages and reread the paragraphs over and over again just so I could understand what the heck is going on and it's what has been slowing me down. I've been reading this for three whole days now and normally I finish one book in just one day. Screw this crap, the whole process is excruciating.


Damn it, I feel like the only reason I'm still holding on is because I just can't afford putting my time and money to waste. And the logic behind the characters' actions or whatever explanation they're trying to inject to justify the scenes and stuff...goodness...it's just so infuriating!