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Books, Bad Boys & Tattoos

I'm an eighteen-year old two-faced Filipina extrovert who has been living in the pages of books for two years now. I expertize in warped logic and extreme criticism.

Rating System.


★★★★★ Excellent. Brilliant. Perfect. Definitely an all-nighter. I LOVED IT! 


★★★★½ Almost perfect albeit there is one meager complaint.


★★★★ It's an ''okay'' read but there is something lacking.


★★★½ Close to "I really liked it." but there are a couple of loopholes in the story.


★★★ I liked it. Torn between liked and hated.


★★½  I almost liked it.


★★ It's okay but it elicited too much head-shaking and eye-rolling.


★½  There are at least two insignificant things I liked about it.


★ Irrational. Too awful to continue reading. At some point I just wanted to chuck the book somewhere else.